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Special Fund for African students

Attention of the Advanced Course organizers is drawn to the possibility that students (PhD and within five years of obtaining PhD) from Africa may apply to participate in a FEBS Course. Special funds are available to provide financial support towards travel, registration and accommodation for 1-2 students/course. Provided an applicant is eligible to attend a course (for details, see below) it is up to the organizer(s) to decide whether the candidate is accepted.  Financial matters will be handled by the FEBS Treasurer.

African Youth Fund Applications

The Course organizers will be asked to help select appropriate candidates. Selection will be based on the information provided by the applicant. This information should include the following items:

Personal data

In which country he/she is a student

Which FASBMB Constituent Society he/she is a member of

Present position/research interest

Reason for selecting a particular course

Letter of recommendation from supervisor

Letter of recommendation from the dean of the institute he/she is working in

Amount of money requested for travel by economy air fare

 The course organiser will advise FEBS concerning the cost of registration, accommodation and subsistence

Modes of payment

Conditions for award

  1. Grants can only be used to support participation in courses sponsored or co-sponsored by FEBS.
  2. Applicants should (a) be a postgraduate student at an institution of higher learning in a country where there is a FASBMB Constituent Society; (b) be a member of a FASBMB Constituent Society; (c) be a PhD student or be a person within five years of obtaining a PhD.
  3. Awards will only be made to persons travelling from their current country of residence to the country hosting the course.
  4. The amount of the award shall be related to the distance from the applicant's place of work to the venue of the course.
  5. The treasurer will grant the awards in consultation with the Organiser.
  6. Only in exceptional circumstances may any of these conditions be waived.

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